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Quad IVc power up

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Quad IVc power up | 12 April, 2009

Hello, I bought used QUAD IVc MKII with transport in "as-is" condition, powered it up (without air and PCB on machine) and all axes (X, Y, Z AND T(heta)shows signs of life. Machine is performing HOME positioning self test.

I am not familiar with QUAD machines and I am not sure am I doing something wrong or there is some error on the machine. While machine is performing power up self test sequence Laser Align, Z-axis, Y-axis, X-axis all pass (HHT) but machine stops (freez) on T (theta-rotation) test lowering nozzle down at minimum (Z-axis) in HOME position? As I can see, at begining of Theta-test nozzle is rotating (CW and CCW). Vacuum LED is ON, no response on HHT, transport is runing...RESET SW-activ (OK) and all over again.

I`ll appreciate any suggestinon.

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Quad IVc power up | 13 April, 2009

I have seen this problem before. There is a cable that runs from the Quadalign board to the backside of the backplane. It is not secured in any way so it may have come loose in shipping. Open the right side panel on the machine. The Quadalign board will be on the lower right as you are looking into the machine from the right side. It usually has a perferated aluminum cage around it. From the bottom of this board will be a card edge connector with a cable soldered to it. Follow that cable to the backside of the backplane which will be on the left side of the machine. It should be plugged into the lower euro style connector (ABC) that is closest to the round Smema connectors. I hope this all makes sense. Let me know how you make out.

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Quad IVc power up | 13 April, 2009

There is also a modify code that if set to 0 the quad-align will not turn on and you will have this error. It is one of the higher mod codes around 60-80......been so long i forget....

Good Luck Bob

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Quad IVc power up | 14 April, 2009

Thank you RLM, bobpan,

Laser (CyberOptics) was dirty! Now is all OK.

You are talking about Quad-Align. I have a lot of QUAD manuals and I still do not understand the diference among QuadAlign, CyberOptics LA and L3 LA!

Please, if you can give me some notice.

Best regards, MK

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Quad IVc power up | 15 April, 2009

In the early days Quad machines were fitted with an alignment system that was purchased from a company named Cyberoptics. Quad then developed their own alignment system and called it Quadalign.

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