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Genrad 2275



Genrad 2275 | 2 May, 2001

Can anyone out there tell me where I might find some application support for a 2275 Genrad. I am in desperate need of someone to show us how to basiclly startup this tester. I am located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Any Information would be appreciated.

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Genrad 2275 | 3 May, 2001

First place: Try Genrad, but you probably have a good story why you don't want to do that, eh?

Second place: Try an used ATE reseller / refurbisher like: * Denver Test Systems 12253 E Alaska Pl Aurura, CO 80012 303 341 7566 fax 0378 Karol Shure * KIMKA, RR1, Box 118, Whitebeck Rd., Coemans Hollow, NY 12046 Joseph Kapusta @NY 518.756.9853 Michael Kmitta @TX 214.424.9731 * GlobeTech Intnatl 602.298.6900 fax1913 Stacy Reynolds

Third place: Try who ever you plan to use for your TPS development. They often offer services like you seek.

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