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Alternative PCB Material

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Alternative PCB Material | 27 May, 2009


Is there an alternative material to fibreglass that can be used for PCBS ? for a specific application I am looking for something that will absorb little or no moisture.


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Alternative PCB Material | 29 May, 2009

Ceramic, maybe

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Alternative PCB Material | 2 June, 2009


Look into Rogers materials, draw back to it is Price and lead time of material.

Regards, boardhouse

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Alternative PCB Material | 6 June, 2009

If the concern is the increased moisture absorption associated with lead-free capable materials, you probably have the most experience with phenolic materials like Isola IS410 or 370HR.

The best move would be to switch to an IPC 4101/99 or /124 material like FR406HR. We've tested these to have moisture absorption rates of less than 0.1%, as opposed to up to .45% seen in phenolic materials.

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