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SMT RFID - Is it reality?

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SMT RFID - Is it reality? | 5 June, 2009

I have been trying to get in touch with TI about their SMT RFID chips. I want to learn more about its capabilities and everything involved. I have read many articles on RFID in general, but finding specific info on the SMT application has been difficult. I have left phone messages and emails with TI with no response.

Is anyone doing this currently?

I want to have our CEM program these with serial number, date code, P/N prior to delivery.

I need a RFID scanner that can scan multiple tags at once. This is primarily for use just prior to shipping out the door. We just need a very simple setup to track what sub-assemblies are packaged together so we can validate warranty information. We use a lot of sheet metal, but the PCBs are accessible so I don't really think it will be an issue. However, just in case I would like to evaluate the tags made for sheet metal.

If anyone has info please let me know. I would really like a live demonstration provided at our facility if possible. We are located in Austin, TX.

Thank You, B

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