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QFN 16 Soldering

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QFN 16 Soldering | 9 June, 2009

We are looking at feasibility concerns of using a QFN 16 from Motorola. I have a couple of questions regarding their recommended PCB design guidelines.

1) Does anyone know why they would recommend coming out of the pads with a narrow trace (.1mm width for a distance of .5mm) and then widening it? 2) Why would they recommend a 2 mm keepout around the package land area?

I attached their datasheet showing their recommended PCB design.

Does anyone have any experience with this part? Anything that the Motorola recommendations do not cover?


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QFN 16 Soldering | 12 June, 2009

Minimize scavanging by the attached trace and provide more uniform temperatures between all pads.

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