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HASL Pictures

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HASL Pictures | 29 June, 2009

Are there any photos available of what good HASL finish looks like as opposed to not desired? I'm looking for something to use as an aide in inspection becasue sometimes boards at our facility are received with HASL where the solder is excessive causing solder bridges, parts to not lay flush and leads to float/move on the pads. Thank you!

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Matt Kehoe


HASL Pictures | 30 June, 2009

I can help you with that if you send me your email address..

Matt Kehoe SIPAD Systems Inc.

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HASL Pictures | 30 June, 2009

How do you specify HASL to your fabricator?

We talked about issues with HASL previously here on SMTnet. Search the fine SMTnet Archives to find them. Here is a GREAT article on HASL written by an old friend Earl Moon:

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