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quad 1000 software 1995

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quad 1000 software 1995 | 4 July, 2009

Dear Adresse,

I ’m sorry my disturbing you with my e-mail, but I need some help from you. I have a QUAD 1000 SMT machine, and I would be need a software-driver copy and a technical drawing to this machine. If you could help me, pls send these by e-mail.

I write you the datas of machine: Searial: 9517-A-07 Part number: 05-16219 Revision number. B, 10/94

Thanks you in advance for your cooperation and helpful.

My best regard,

András Varga


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quad 1000 software 1995 | 6 July, 2009

Hello Andras, I worked on those machines 10-15yrs ago. I dont recall having software or having to re-install it. Can you state the problem that you are having with the machine. I can try to help but most of my technical information has long been gone.


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