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Philips Comet L004 Feedback Error

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Philips Comet L004 Feedback Error | 5 July, 2009

While moving to a new location we had to remove the tables from a Philips Comet in order to be able to pass a narrow door. While attempting to calibrate the machine, during Warm-Up a strange error appears, sometimes almost immediately and sometimes after about 2 minutes: L004 Feedback Error. I am almost sure something moved or loose, the manuals have nothing on this error. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Philips Comet L004 Feedback Error | 5 July, 2009

A feedback error means that a particular axis did not respond by moving in a normal manner. Check the following:- 1/.. Mechanical binding. (Servo Off, then check axis moves without binding). 2/.. Check encoder plugs of that axis. Note that Philips/Yamaha machines of that vintage also had an issue with the pins in the M01 & MO2 Motor connectors on the front of the controler. The pins pushed back if re inserted a few times.

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Philips Comet L004 Feedback Error | 6 July, 2009

Thanks Jeff,

I isolated the problem to the DC servo part. The GD3 signal in the safety circuit chain is the one that generates this L004 Feedback Error - which by the way next to it I get also (Wn) where n is changing form 1 to 3 every time I push ready.

Now, if I cancel the GD3 from the DS1 control board I am able to start the origin sequence, but nothing happens, no movement. It will stay in the origin screen until ESC is pressed.

There is however another issue:

During the computer startup, it shows all the files VIOS is loading, it appears it skips the Sequence and Servo files. The list shows all the others with OK next to them and highlighted and these 2 are left on the list unmarked.

I simply don't remember if they should be loaded or not. Maybe the problem is with the driver software and not at the hardware part at all?

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Philips Comet L004 Feedback Error | 9 July, 2009

Just in case somebody will bump in the same situation and looks for a possible solution, the problem was with a small 2 pin connector that feeds one of the W DC motors.

The connector looked ok, but one of the pins pulled a little out and was making poor contact.

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