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AOI side angle cameras

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AOI side angle cameras | 13 July, 2009

Hello all,

We are looking to purchase another AOI system with side angle cameras. Currently we are using a YesTech M1 system that has only a top-down camera (it can't be upgraded with side cameras). Does anyone have experience with YesTech F1 systems with side angle cameras, or any other systems with a simpliar configuration? How well does it perform in inspecting for lifted leads, J-leads, QFN packages, and insufficient solder? The main thing I want to know: Is it worth the extra 15-20K to get the side-angle cameras? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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AOI side angle cameras | 14 July, 2009

Hello Reese,

We currently own two MIRTEC MV-3 desktop machines and one MV-7 inline machine (so you can tell right away that I am a little biased.) We had an opportunity to evaluate both the YESTech and MIRTEC machines on our production floor. The main reason why we selected MIRTEC was the fact that the machine consistently provided better defect coverage than the competitive machine, especially with regard to solder inspection.

All of our machines are configured with side angle cameras. These cameras are fully programmable and are very effective for inspecting regions of interest that are not visible with the top down camera. They are primarily used to inspect solder on J-leaded devices, QFNs, DFNs, connectors, and some select gull wing and TH-hole devices. They are also very handy in reviewing defects. One button provides five different views of the defect simultaneously. This makes it easy for our operators to quickly qualify potential defects. We also purchased the Intelli-Scan laser option for our MV-7 machine. This is a secondary laser inspection system that allows you to test for co-planarity of leaded and non-leaded devices using laser height measurement. In my opinion, this technology is well worth the extra money.

Good luck with your AOI project…


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AOI side angle cameras | 20 July, 2009

Hello Reese,

Lifted leads are and have always been a big concern for us. We were using a system that had 12 cameras total. 8 angled and 4 top-down. I could not get that to catch lifted leads without having a ton of false calls. I thought that maybe it was something I was doing wrong and called the manufacturer for help. They sent 3 different FE's over the course of a year and they could not get it either, however, they all argued that the machine was more than capable and our soldering process was to blame.

Since then, we have changed AOI suppliers and have gone with a single, downward looking camera system. It is excellent at catching lifted leads and everything else, but has a very low false call rate.

With the image processing software that's available today, I don't believe there is a need for multiple cameras.

Just my opinion.

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AOI side angle cameras | 23 July, 2009

Remember as well, the Mirtec machines have laser technology being used to check for coplanarity/lifted lead issues. Having this capability will reduce false calls in most circumstances.

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AOI side angle cameras | 24 July, 2009

We have one YesTech F1 working and a second one purchased on the way. So far, in my half year experience with it, we check solder and lifted leads with TOP cameras.

The only ocations I use side cameras are when I have to inspect odd components that reflects the light (like crystal oscilators, or inductors.

For solder inspection so far I had good results, but lifted leads is still an issue.

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AOI side angle cameras | 24 July, 2009

Thanks everyone for your replies. We have decide to stay with the M1 system (top-down only). I appreciate your input.


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