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Omron AOI

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Omron AOI | 15 July, 2009

We just bought an used Omron AOI machine and have no prior experience with it. We powered it up and found out that the machine failed to boot-up because there was no internal hard drive (C: drive). Apparently, it has two external hard drives connected to the computer. Does anyone that familiar with Omron AOI can help us in this case? Does it need internal drive? Can it boot-up from external hard drive and how? Thanks in advandce. TB

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Omron AOI | 25 August, 2009

I've just seen your question because I list this site rarely. It can boot usually from C: hard drive, we have 4 Omron AOIs - brand new (RNS & VT-WIN2),theoretically one computer can boot from different disks, it is set up in the BIOS, there are some directories and shortcuts that require disk C: for special Omron software applications, but you can contact some Omron representative to ask. When you bought this Omron machine why you did not try to run it in advance?

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