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SPC control-Wave soldering

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SPC control-Wave soldering | 2 August, 2009

Hi all,

If we are using non clean flux, what are the wave soldering parameters that we should monitor using SPC control chart? If not mistaken pre-heat is one of the important parameter that we should control..

Thanks, Sean

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SPC control-Wave soldering | 7 August, 2009

Well, since you've gotten no takers, we'll launch in to this with careful analysis and introspection, fully aware that we're likely to get 'blasted' for any number of reasons. The most critical parameters to monitor for proper wave solder machine process control are: * Dwell Time * Top side board temperature just before hitting the wave(s) * Pot temperature

And dwell is the single most important measure.

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SPC control-Wave soldering | 12 August, 2009

Hi Can you be a little more specific with wave solder machine name and method of applying flux and if lead free or not then can come back with some meaningfull figures Cheers GREG BLT

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