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Flip Chip Solder Ball Attach

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Flip Chip Solder Ball Attach | 5 August, 2009


This may be a bit off the subject but thought I'd ask just in case. I am looking to identify a process / equipment for attaching solder balls to flip chips. Solder balls are 75 microns in diameter. With BGA's there are reballing kits that use stencils. Since the solder ball of a flip chip is about 1/10th diameter of a BGA, I don't think the same method would work. Volume is very very low, a few units here and there. Any ideas?

Thanks, Steve

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Flip Chip Solder Ball Attach | 6 August, 2009

Semiconductor fab back-ends and production contractors use laser assisted solder jetting for protoyping, repair, and other low volume flip chip bumping. * As you say, printing paste is going to be very tough to control. * Solid ball placement is aimed at production work and makes up-front tooling very expensive for low volume applications.

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