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AOI Sony vs Orbitech

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 6 August, 2009


I would like to have the pro's and con's about those 2 system: Sony VR-201H and Sony CPC500 and Orbotech advantage S-22 ( and if someone have the spec sheet I'd love to have them too)

Thank You

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 6 August, 2009

Well Orbotech is basically out of business. They have sold their AOI to a company that is a basically a reseller. What that means is usually they have no people to improve software or make changes to improve the system.

Not sure how Sony supports their systems. They sale lots of p/p systems but have not hear much about their aoi. I would talk with the sales people and get an idea of local support before making any decision. All systems I have experience with depend on local support and programming prowess.

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 7 August, 2009

Hello Karkanov,

Have you looked into YesTech? I dont' know where your located, but their support is really good for their systems. People have also mentioned Mirtec and speak highly of this company as well. Do a search for either on this forum and you should find plenty of information.



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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 9 August, 2009

I'd like to correct a few of the points made above.

Orbotech have sold their Assembly business to Orpro Vision GmbH, we are based in Germany, where we developed the Vantage S22, Symbion S36 and their predecessors the VT / Trion series.

Both Development and Support personnel have been carried over from Orbotech to Orpro Vision, and we are actively expanding our R&D Team.

Development of these systems continues, and we recently released a new version of the software for the S36 and S22.

If the original poster would like to get some information about the Vantage, or just about the company, please visit

I am sure we have a business partner in your area.

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 13 August, 2009

Usually the boat anchor you choose depends on the type of boat you're going to anchor.

(In other words, you're making a huge mistake. Either of these choices is wrong)

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 13 August, 2009

Martin Gershenson: Since you are willing to comment that you felt the suppliers that 'karkanov' selected were 'wrong,' why aren't you willing to suggest several better choices of suppliers?

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 13 August, 2009

Dave - He wont put that down because he works for a supplier / distributor for another equipment seller that sells a different brand of AOI machines.

He should try following his own company's code of ethics.


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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 13 August, 2009

BoardHouse: You mean that our 'Martin Gershenson' might be this guy?

Martin Gershenson; Christopher Associates Inc.,3617 W. MacArthur Blvd.Santa Ana, CA 92704; 714–979-7500

So, you're implying that unlike some sale-types that post here on SMTnet and do a GREAT job of providing information and identifying a possible bias they might have in responding, this guy is presenting a different view, possibly trying influence potential customers from his competitors. Right? That seems sneaky.

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AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 14 August, 2009

If he is the same Martin Gershenson who works for Christopher, then I'de believe he's being sneaky. We demoed one of their units three years ago, along with Mirtech and YesTech. Of the three, they were the only ones who wouldn't let us experiment with their equipment on our own. Mirtech and YesTech were more than happy to oblige us, each leaving their machine with us for up to a week. Also during the demonstration, the Christopher trainer would "manipulate" the recipe to get the boards to pass inspection. We didn't realize it until later after viewing the YesTech and Mirtech machines and speaking with their reps about it.

Someone mentioned earlier that he should follow his company's code of ethics. It may be that they don't have any. This type of deception may be at the heart of their business model.

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Jim Price


AOI Sony vs Orbitech | 1 September, 2009

I am the North American sales manager for Sony.

This exchange was brought to my attention by an amused friend.

The VR systems was marketed under the brand name Varir and produced by Sony Kohda. It was discountinued over 3 years ago.

The CPC500 is the Sony solder paste inspection system that was discontinued over 2 years ago.

The V200 is the new AOI system from Sony that does paste, post placement and post reflow inspection in the same system.

I'm not really sure what the purpose of this exchange is as this is kind of like writing about 2 - 1990 vintage cars and somehow trying to make it relavant to today's models.



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