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cp6 communication error

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cp6 communication error | 26 August, 2009

when i transmitt data to the cp6 every thing seems to go okay until the end and i get a -- "A21E transmission error". i have checked the cable (i can program my IP3)

any ideas?

thanks ron

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cp6 communication error | 26 August, 2009

try sending from wizards>>transmission

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cp6 communication error | 30 August, 2009

most fuji error codes are 8 digits, A21E is 2100A21E, it is a report from the MCS that transmission has failed (we knew that) Hit control E from the main screen of the MCS, there should be another error reported from the cp6, ie. 1101000 is x data out of range.

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cp6 communication error | 31 August, 2009

after sending all the datas.... proper, program and status... Re-boot the machine...

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cp6 communication error | 1 September, 2009

start skipping out some parts and try to transmit? could be a dodgy part data...

Best thing to do is skip out everything except one part and see how you get on with the transmission and work from there. If it transmits start addin a few more until you narrow it down...

may not be this but worth a try!

By the way , can you delete programs from the machine background?

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cp6 communication error | 2 September, 2009

disable windows firewall

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