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hole blister

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hole blister | 13 September, 2009

Hi All I have a pig problem after reflow. It is a blister in hole.It happend after reflow(Lead free solder) I touched the blister with tweezer. The plating was lifted off easily How do i do? What is a root casue? Drilling or plating? Is it possible that we accept this part?

Thanks Ju-young.Jeong

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hole blister | 14 September, 2009

You have a board fabrication defect. Search the web for "hole wall pullaway"

Performing a microsection is the best way to analyze the defect.

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hole blister | 18 September, 2009

Don't forget the possibility of excess moisture absorption. If this is lead free, then the laminate manufacturers state that you should bake prior to assembly. Was this completed?

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