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what to buy?

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what to buy? | 21 September, 2009

Hello All, My first visit here. I own and operate a small Industrial & Consumer Electronics Service Shop. There is more and more modules with high density fine pitch SMDs that we cannot handle. We bought PACE ThermoFlow BGA SMD station with a bunch of nozzles recently, we have a HeatWave as well. Haven't put the ThermoFlow to work yet as its missing the nozzle holder. We have a few hot-air hand held tools, resistive tweezers etc., but that handles only small stuff. My question is if this combination (ThermoFlow + HeatWave) will be sufficient to work on the fine, high density SMD?. I can imagine that desoldering shouldn't be a problem but soldering in, would. Again , no experience in this area. I'm going to an auction next week where three rework stations are for sale: -APE Sniper Split Vision Model 7007-1000; -Conceptronics Freedom Series HGR2000 Rework System; and -Air-VAc DRS22 All come with PC, software, microscopes and assortment of nozzles etc (taken from a working plant environment). I understand that bidding may go beyond of what I can afford, but if it is within reach, which one would you guys recommend for what we do, which is rather a low volume repairs with a hope of taking it a bit further (we bought a Huntron ProTrack diagnostic system with that in mind). I would really appreciate your input. Thanks.

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what to buy? | 21 September, 2009

For your application I would recommend the APE system. It's not as complicated and the accessories are less expensive.

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