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Reject Rate

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Reject Rate | 19 October, 2009

Hi! I would like to read some experience about the reject rate. We have a Siplace X4 and we mesaure week to week this date. Please write me something for this your experience.

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Reject Rate | 20 October, 2009

A couple ideas are: * Search the fine SMTnet Archives. Use search terms such as: ppm or dpmo or *7912 or *9261 * Bob Willis runs a PPM Monitoring project that compiles data from industry. Look here:

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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Reject Rate | 9 November, 2009

Hi, as i know the reject rate it should be under 0,2%.

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Reject Rate | 16 November, 2009

for reject rate depends on various parameters, Part data parameters, (Body tolerance,Part pickup & transport speed etc. ) Also depend on vaccum level, ( During the PM we need to messure pickup nozzle vaccumlevel using manometer ) According to raw material supply venders we need to veryfy part data Some small chips (0402,0201 etc;) are face to magnetizing effect in component pickup nozzles, (Mainly in steel fabricated nozzles)

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