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Traceability system

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Traceability system | 26 November, 2009


Could you please give me a link to manufacturers of standalone traceability systems for electronic industry? I do not want to have a system integrated into a placement machine or a screen printer. It would be great if a system was able to trace any component. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I have not been here for ages… But I am glad to see that many of old school professionals are still here :-)

BR, Pavel

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Traceability system | 28 November, 2009

Quick List: 1. Cells 2. Valor 3. Aegis 4. Siemens 5. Optimal I have used Cells, Valor, Aegis, and Optimal (I think Siemens leans more towards a PLM system). I would recommend Optimal, but it will all depend on how in-depth you want the tracking/traceability and how much you are willing to spend.

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Traceability system | 7 December, 2009


Thank you for for the input.

Regards, Pavel

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Traceability system | 18 December, 2009

BarTector. Also provides verification.

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