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Tin wash

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Tin wash | 9 December, 2009

Does anybody have any experience tin washing solder pots? Is there a proper procedure? Problems?

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Tin wash | 10 December, 2009

Best to use Tin treated with TinP Additive. This ensures the Tin is fluid enough to Dissolve any Leaded residues. Run the machine for one hour at 275C then take out wave former and as much of the workings of the pot as possible. Then start bailing out the pot until the very last difficult solder at the bottom. Let this chill BUT keep the solder off the sides of the pot and this will simply lift out. If you are changing all the inners of the pot for Lead Free treated materials then strip out all old formers and ducting. Empty solder as above and no need to do Tin Flush out as long as you keep the old solder off the side of the pot. Cooled solder will simply scrape off the sides and should be left with a clean no Leaded pot Hope it helps Cheers Greg York

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