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DEK 265

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DEK 265 | 6 January, 2010

Any help would be appreciated

We have a DEK 265 Screener that has been showing symtoms of a bad power supply. Is there a way to back up the hard drive and is an executive program needed in case the machine totally dies.


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DEK 265 | 7 January, 2010

Pull the hard drive out and use a USB to IDE adapter to copy the whole hard drive onto another computer. I do this with my reflow oven and screen printer. It works very well.

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DEK 265 | 3 February, 2010

We have a DEK 265 also. It may be the PNOZ (relays in a box) or the "in rush" capacitors "leaking" or "opening" causing your power supply symptoms. Went through something that sounds similar to your description of "power supply" problems. Your best off doing a back up like the other responder said as well. If you lose your program and have to reload from scratch you will have to re-cal the printer from the ground up which can be a pain. Will need a cal stencil, pressure scale/meter (I used a modified bathroom scale), etc.. DEK has a Support Knowledge Base at http// It has been very helpful to me.

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DEK 265 | 3 February, 2010

This works. I've tried and used it on several machines!

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DEK 265 | 4 February, 2010

I'm during this rught now and windows will not recognize the hard drive as a hard drive. It recognizes a mass storage device and that's about it. No way to copy, move or do anything o anything on the drive. Have you got any suggestions as to why?

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DEK 265 | 5 February, 2010

It should show up as a mass storage device. Not to insult you intelligence, but do you have the hard drive powered up? You need to power it up if you haven't done that.

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DEK 265 | 5 February, 2010

Yes, it's powered up. We use a simple power supply that connects directly to the drive. It spins up fine. I belive my problem is with Windows not recognizing the old type of drive correctly. It does recognize it as a mass storage device (the drivers that load are diskmgr.sys and part.sys) which I beleive may not be correct (at least windows thinks they're right). I can look at the device in the hardware manager, just don't see it in "explore" function. Have loaded and unloaded several times with no change in my results (this is insanity isn't it.....doing the same......getting same results...........). I have since tried another hard drive from a different machine and have gotten, again, the same results. I am assuming at this point Windows is the problem!

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DEK 265 | 18 February, 2010

Don't know if you managed to get this sorted; but at the very least need to backup your configuration (c:printerconfig.cfg) to FDD to avoid having to recalibrate entirely if it fails. If you're still having issues with Xcopying HDD feel free to contact me.

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DEK 265 | 19 February, 2010

Thanks for the support. Maybe you can help me with another problem. I get a pate dispensor error command time out, which clears itself, then a screen actuator error command time out that doesn't clear during initialisation. Machine won't do anything else. Any suggestions here will be greatly appreciated.

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DEK 265 | 20 February, 2010

Sounds like you have a Switched 12V issue.

Breaker on rear of Machine. Fuse in Y1 enclosure. PSU3 (on floor of) Y4 enclosure.

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DEK 265 | 22 February, 2010

Yes it was a switched 12volt problem. Supplu went bad. Thanks for the help!

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