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AOI systems

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AOI systems | 8 February, 2010

What are people using for AOI systems and how are you using them

We are on the market for 2 systems post reflow capable of inspecting solder joints at 010 sized components

we have 2 old systems at the moment inspecting for presence and polarity pre reflow

Any info would eb great would like to know what people are using in both departments

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AOI systems | 10 February, 2010

no-one anything to add?

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AOI systems | 11 February, 2010

Good Morning Bryan,

We are using Mirtec MV-3 AOI's with 4 megapixle cameras. We use them for 100% post reflow. We are checking, presence, polarity, value, solder, bridging,component height for BGA, QFN etc... and 1st piece validation for machine setup (pre-reflow)

Good Luck


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AOI systems | 11 February, 2010

Speaking from experience, my vote goes to Mirtec MV-3 or MV-7 with the 4 Megapixel camera setup. 2 Megapixel cams won't inspect that small, other than for presence

Yestech also has machines that are suitable for this work.

No company affiliations, no incentives for the mention.

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AOI systems | 16 February, 2010

I have two Yestech machines, the latest is a 5 megapixel camera machine. These are used every day all day. Excellent machine.

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AOI systems | 18 February, 2010

Hello Bryan,

My recommendation is MIRTEC by far.

We checked out several machines and narrowed the selection down to two, YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an opportunity to work with both of these machines on our production floor. We found that the MIRTEC machine consistently provided better defect coverage than the competitive system, especially with regard to solder joint inspection. We also ran a very simple Gage R&R test on the two systems. The MIRTEC machine easily won.

The MIRTEC machine was about two and a half times faster with roughly 20% less false calls. Although this did help with my ROI, performance was my main concern. We cannot afford escapes... PERIOD! That's the reason why we needed AOI in the first place!

We now have a total of five MIRTEC machines in production including a new MV-7xi system configured with a total of five(5) 5 mega pixel cameras and a high resolution telecentric lens. Solder inpsection on 01005's is not a problem. You should also check out thier Intelli-Scan Laser system option. Totally worth the investment in my opinion.

Good luck with your AOI project.


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