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Heller Oven communication error

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Heller Oven communication error | 4 March, 2010


When we load a recipe (oven profile) on our heller 1809 the pc screen goes black, the oven turns off then comes back on and the error is communications with oven was lost.

Anyone seen this error before?


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Heller Oven communication error | 5 March, 2010


Had that issue early on when we hooked up our Heller.

For us, the problem turned out to be the serial communications port on the computer. I can't say we had the black screen, but, we had comm errors.

I'd check the following: 1. Cable between computer and oven. Ensure that it's well seated on both sides of the equation. 2. Comm port in computer..easiest way to check is to put another computer up there. 3. Double check the settings for the oven, and make sure that it's looking for communication on the same port as the computer. 4. Double check fuses around the input board on the oven, and make sure nothing's gone wrong there. 5. Ensure that the controller board(s) are seated properly inside the oven.

cheers ..rob

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Heller Oven communication error | 23 March, 2010


To provide closure and help the healing process and maybe benifit someone else down the road...

The problem was the UPS battery had gone dead. Back side of oven, near the exit end.


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Heller Oven communication error | 24 March, 2010

Thanks Rob for letting use know what the cause was as we have a heller 1809 oven thats a 2005 year what year is your oven? Im thinking our battery probaly doesn't have a lot of life left yet either Thanks again

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