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AOI side camera

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AOI side camera | 16 March, 2010

I have a mirtec MV-3L, does any one know, when drawing a component part with varios side angle camera views can i group that part and its camera views to save in the library and if so how?

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AOI side camera | 29 March, 2010

Good Morning Mark,

I do not believe that you can group images from multiple cameras. You can save a camera image into the library but you would need to re-name the part number for the side camera if you have an image from the downward looking camera. This way you could do a "drag and drop" from the library. You would have to enter the image separately for each camera used (each with a unique name)

Hope this helps


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AOI side camera | 30 March, 2010

Thanks for your help. mark.

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