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Tape/Reel Counter

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Tape/Reel Counter | 19 March, 2010

Hello everyone.

I'm looking for some general information on reel counters. We are trying to tighten our inventory counts, and rather than estimate a reel we're looking into getting an accurate count via a reel counter. So first, I'm wondering what manufacturers or models people recommend.

Also, how accurate are the counters? Time consuming? What about components with polarity? If you have a part with polarity, count it and wind it to a new reel, pin1 will be on the opposite side. Do you then rewind it back to original?

Any other comments, what to look for, etc? All information is greatly appreciated!

Thanks all!

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Tape/Reel Counter | 19 March, 2010

See, the bean counters are taking over. They've got you out there counting flyshit. Chip parts aren't worth the time it takes to count them, even with a counterometer. Watch out!!! Next thing they'll have you doing is sweeping-up misplaces, figuring-out what they are, and restocking them. Don't put-up with any of that BS.

We know we're talking to the wind. So, here's a clip from an earlier posting here on SMTnet on the same topic ...

These folk are among those that make counters. Some where in this list is a salty cat that knows the biz well enough to help you ... Automated Production Systems 2840 Pine Rd Huntington Valley, PA 19006 215-938-1000 Fax 8480 Automated Production Concepts 63 Hillside Terr Wayne, NJ 07470 973-831-8300 Fax 973-633-7755 ELVO 140 Kisco Ave Mt Kisco, NY 10549-1407 (914) 241-1008 Fax 7096 The Eraser Company PO Box 4961, Oliva Dr Syracuse, NY 13221-4961 (800) 724-0594 (315) 454-3237 Fax 3090 Festo Corp 395 Moreland Rd Hauppauge, NY 11788 (516) 435-0800 Fax 8026 GPAX Intl 1420 Boltenfield St Columbus, OH 43228 (614) 851-0500 Fax 2507 Grip Technologies Greenwood Rd PO Box 1009 Dublin, NH 03444 (603) 563-8108 Fax 8121 Manix Manufacturing 410 Pike Rd PO Box 1024 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 953-9797 Fax 9399 Manncorp 1840 Country Ln PO Box 8 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215)364-6100 Fax 6110 Omron Electronics 1 E. Commerce Dr Schaumberg, IL 60173 (800) 556-6766 (847) 843-7900 Fax 7787 Q Corp 301 River St Derby, KS 67037 (800) 835-1099 (316) 788-3746 Fax 7428 Schleuniger 87 Colin Dr Manchester, NH 03103 (603) 668-8117 Fax8119 TOMKEN Industries 304 Main Ave Ste. 366 Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 847-8867 Fax 5320 V-TEK 1234 Executive Dr W Richardson, TX 75081 (972) 479-9442 Fax 1630

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Tape/Reel Counter | 24 March, 2010

Actually the contact info for Manncorp is incorrect. Our web site is We are located at 2845 Terwood Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090. You can contact Chris direct at Our phone is 215-830-1200

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