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Stencil Cleaning

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Stencil Cleaning | 30 March, 2010

We currently use under-stencil wipe for in-process stencil cleaning. Our product goes in sensitive optical equip. Our customer is finding microscopic fibers we believe are coming from stencil wiping paper. Can anyone recommend a different process or device that can be used in-process? We also use UT water cleaning but need something that can be used in-process.

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Stencil Cleaning | 30 March, 2010

You don't say what type of / source of cleaning paper... there are many and some are certainly more prone to leave fibers behind.

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Stencil Cleaning | 5 April, 2010

We have used different suppliers including direct from MpM and from a couple other sources who sell comsumables. Do you have a recommendation?

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Stencil Cleaning | 6 April, 2010

I have always had success using the Dupont sontara material... many suppliers offer. Recently have two customers of mine who swear by the results using the Aquavator for lint free and cleaning result without solvents.

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Stencil Cleaning | 6 April, 2010

Thanks for the advice. I'll do some more research!

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Stencil Cleaning | 11 April, 2010

Dear SMT stencil User,

I am Ravikumar form Asahitec stencil pvt ltd chennai india. We basically manyfacturing of laser cut stencil (step up/down). and also we are trader of Lint free wiping rolls. The origin manufacturing company supplying all kind of smt printers past 20 years. we never faced thiese kind of issue with my customer so far. so kindly contact us we will support you to come out of this issue.

thanks Ravi +919841651855

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