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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials | 25 April, 2010

Hi all

our IP1(1993)is not reading the board fiducials, the light comes on at the fid camera and stay on and the machine just hangs.

Need to press the emergency stop button to go any further and screen says 'mark not readable'.

None of the bulbs have blown, i have tried the ccd level and changing the mark settings but still nothing.

It's not reading the boards that were being done last week. Also the same on new programmes ( simulate mode works ok)

Have tried reset and send status/proper, also took out and reseated the CCD board VM1710.

When i set the ccd level should the monitor on the left show the fid mark?

I know this is an old machine but then the real experts hang out in this place?

Thanks in advance

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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials | 26 April, 2010

Check the following...

1. Set the fiducial reading to SCAN... 2. Clean the half mirror of the fiducial camera... 3. Check the CCD Camera...maybe blown fuse inside.

Hope this will help....

Good luck....

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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials | 26 April, 2010

If the above recomendations do not help...(I'd try them first) Did you try the infamous "Fuji Fix"? Power the machine all the way down and power it back up. (Rebooting the software)

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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials | 27 April, 2010

Hi jepoy + a very frazzled man thanks for your suggestions,here is how it went:-

I found a couple of these VM1710 boards and tried one and still nothing.

I really wanted to see if power was getting to the camera and anything coming out. I was looking for a lead to plug into the bnc connector on the camera (maybe this is video out?) and i found a lead with the same connectors as the original.

Plug this in ( from camera to VM board)and everything starts working!! the green screen monitor came on too. The phono lead plugged into this VM board goes to this monitor. The original Board was ok, plug in the original cable and it went again.

This reminds me of a post by Bert from New Zealand some time ago who had strange problems with the head stopping. You guys pointed out that the cables from the head get damaged after many years. So if there is any funny business concerning the placing head, go for the wiring loom!

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