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philips Eclipse-II

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philips Eclipse-II | 5 May, 2010

after calibration, now i'm having an issue that placement between lazer and camera off about .5mm on the Y mount. if parts go to camera, the placement are good. but parts that placing with lazer it off about .5mm at Y for all rotation. anyone seen this before???

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philips Eclipse-II | 14 May, 2010

wow, no one can figure out why it doing that????

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philips Eclipse-II | 16 May, 2010

I have a Philips CSM84VZ. There are offset calibrations that compensate the X and Y distances from the camera to the heads and the beam pointer. Perhaps yours is similar and just needs a small Y adjustment for the beam pointer.

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philips Eclipse-II | 29 May, 2010


Go to Maintenance > Mch Adjust > Adjust Target > Laser Unit > Nozzle Position. Here the laser will automatically detect the centre of the nozzle. Remember - It'll give you the option of using a component for the test but DON'T use any component. Let it detect the centre of the nozzle tip only. It will calculate the nozzle centres of both the heads. Once done, you can save the data if you wish so!

Alternatively, go to Maintenance > Mch Data > Select Target > Vision Parameter On the line - Laser Nozzle Centre, there are 4 columns, X, Y, Z and R. The data here is as below:

X : X position of Head 1 Y : X position of Head 2 Z : Y position of Head 1 R : Y position of Head 2

So you can directly change the Y positions of both heads here.

I am assuming that you have the same offset for both heads (0.5mm) in Y direction and at all angles.

Let me know if this works.

Regards Vinit

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philips Eclipse-II | 1 June, 2010

I did. Nothing change. I can go in mount feed back and increase .5mm for all rotations(Lazer mount feed back), then it work. But all my parts go to camera will be off the oposite way.

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