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FR4 or CEM3

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FR4 or CEM3 | 25 May, 2010

HI Please Advice witch material can stand more heat FR4 or CEM3. PCB assembly will be used under the body of toaster Temp. range 90°C Could anyone tell me the difference in PCB material For imcoming quality control. Thanks & regards Fotis

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FR4 or CEM3 | 4 June, 2010

Hi fotis,

Big difference between Cem3 & FR4 is that FR4 the glass is woven and Cem3 is sheet glass non-woven.

for Multi layer product, i would not consider Cem3 due to increase chance of de-lam due to lack of weave for strength.

Cem1 and Cem3 are used on 1 & 2 layer product, high volume durable goods (Washers, dryers, etc) & automotive use due to it is cheaper then FR4 RoHs material.

for data sheets

Glass transition temp is 125 -135 C. so if 90 c is max. I would say this material would work for your application.

Best Regards, BoardHouse

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FR4 or CEM3 | 4 June, 2010


My mistake on the previous post is that the Temperature will be way beyond 90C maybe reach to 400c as the PCB will be placed under the Heating plate of the sandwich maker!

So my concern is the heating tolerance! Appreciated your knowledge by reply.

Thanks & regards Fotis

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FR4 or CEM3 | 4 June, 2010

At 400C, I'd worry about the solder as well....

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FR4 or CEM3 | 15 June, 2010


FR4 or CEM3 ?

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FR4 or CEM3 | 16 June, 2010

I would be concerned with either material at that temp.

i would re-post your question on one of the engineering forums below.

Regards, Boardhouse

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FR4 or CEM3 | 22 June, 2010

You should do some testing what temp you really get. Solder will melt 260~300ºC.

Back to the initial question, CEM-3 is a bit harder to buy and has not many varieties. Go for FR4, you can go for a higher Tg then the common 130ºC. There is also 140, 170, 200 etc. In example, Isola G200 is such a high Tg material and quite easy to buy.

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FR4 or CEM3 | 23 June, 2010

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