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Looking for Used low-end P&P machine

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Looking for Used low-end P&P machine | 6 June, 2010

Hi - I'm looking into possible low-end pick/place machines (in UK) for prototype/small runs - taking the next step from plastic stencil/hand place/pizza oven, as my local subcontractors can't offer the fast turnrounds I often need for short runs. Budget: as far below GBP5K as I can get. Requirements are 0.5mm pitch QFP/TSOP/QFN, 0603, but 0402's would be nice. 30-40ish 8/12/16mm feeders, and tubes. Some way of feeding short strips would be good, even if it means sticking them to the bed with DS tape! Paste dispensing would also be nice to avoid stencils on low-density PCBs (not expecting to do 0402 or QFPs this way though!). I Don't mind if the latter involves some DIY fabrication/modification etc. I'm also happy to tackle repairs/refurb myself - I'm very good at fixing things & enjoy a challenge! Speed not very critical, but space & doorway size is limited.

So far the possibles look like TWS Quadra or Versatronics RV1S/RV4S, with strong bias to latter due to depth, and am following up some possible supply leads next week.

A few questions for anyone familiar with these :

Is there anything specific to look out for on used RV1s/4s machines - common faults, wear, unobtainable parts etc.?

How much better is the RV4s over the RV1s? Is it just a speed upgrade, or is it also better for 0402's etc.?

What sort of money would you expect to pay for used RV1s/RV4s and feeders these days?

(Offers of machines in UK welcome -

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Looking for Used low-end P&P machine | 7 June, 2010


Looking for Used low-end P&P machine | 8 June, 2010

what type of turn times are you requiring? I don't want to get too far away from your topic but I want to suggest that it might be easier to continue your search for a fast turn manufacturer then it is to embark on the arduous task of putting together an entire SMT fast turn assembly line and creating a process...

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Looking for Used low-end P&P machine | 8 June, 2010

For protos and very short runs I already use a polyester stencil + pizza oven process which is fine except for the placement time and tedium. I'm partly trying to bridge the gap between that and stuff that needs subbing out due to quantity, and partly wanting the ability to do the very fast turnrounds I occasionally need and currently have no option but to hand-place. By fast I mean things like a few dozen 2" square boards with 50-odd parts each in over a weekend. I also want to be able to experiment with processes etc., for example using a dispenser to auto-paste proto PCBs that may be hand placed, and produce 1-off demonstration/proof-of-concept LED display boards which need accurate placement for aesthetic reasons.

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