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Heat insulating box...

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Heat insulating box... | 7 June, 2010


I'm working at a very small electronics assembly firm and we need to get a better thermal profile of our reflow and solder wave ovens. Our firm is part of a larger firm that was set up to help handicapped people find work in the Netherlands. You could hardly call us professionals (don't tell my boss I said so) and all calibrations are nowadays done by an external firm since we can't afford the right equipment.

As electronics- and programming- hobbyist I'm busy developing a microcontroller-board to read thermocouples and an accelerometer. Probably not as good as the commercial version, but at least we could check ovens every day in stead of every month and electronics available look very promising.

Since the logger will travel through the oven I need to insulate it as much as possible. I did touch the commercial logger (Mole), which uses rubber as insulation. I felt no difference in temperature before and right after it's journey.

So far I'm just starting to know a little about thermal conductivity, isolation and different kinds of rubber. By now I guess (Fluor-)silicone rubber was used, both massive and open cell structure. But, as former grounds-keeper/assistant on a school for kids aged 4-12, I could use some help getting my nose in the right direction(s) in order to find the best insulation possible.

If you should know more, perhaps know a factory/shop specializing in this kind of insulation/ specialized sites/forums etc etc, you would make me (and probably our clients) very happy.

Best wishes,


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Heat insulating box... | 7 June, 2010


Heat insulating box... | 8 June, 2010

Why reinvent the wheel, Bart? You can buy a thermal barrier from one of the logger manufacturers (M.O.L.E., KIC, DataPAQ, etc). They come in varying sizes and temperature ratings. Maybe you can find one that suits your unit. Good luck.

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Heat insulating box... | 8 June, 2010

Kic Thermal used Pyropel. Cut with a razor blade and glue together with a good Dow Corning high temperature silicone. You can buy Pyropel in various thicknesses. It is not cheap. $100.00 for a 24" X 24" X 3/16" sheet. You can buy at McMaster Carr listed under generic name of polyimide foam insulation. I have tested 3/8" thick Pyropel. It will give you 15 minutes before your PCB reaches 80 deg C when exposed to 200 deg C.

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Heat insulating box... | 13 June, 2010

Thank you all for responding,

Pyropel might indeed be adequate and still cheap enough. Someone advised me aerogel, but we certainly can't afford that ;-)

I've contacted as well, but I'm still waiting for a reply.

Why reinvent the wheel ? Well, I'm an acknowledged master :-)

I'm still considdering making one myself, but i might also buy one when the price is right. As electronics hobbyist with little experience in professionally assembling electronics it's a bit strange to work with all kinds of professionals who know very little about developping electronics themselves.

I'm happy that you all responded, at least I know a little more of what is available/possible !

Best wishes, Bart.

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