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false call rate calculation AOI

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false call rate calculation AOI | 26 June, 2010

how do i calculate false call rate?

i got this equation

= [over reject / (total solder joints + components) ] * 1000000

and i got a table which shows data like number of solder joints, components on panel, and number of false call, and the false call rate.

but when i try to solve it using the equation, i dont arrive with the indicated false call rate.


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false call rate calculation AOI | 29 June, 2010

Prins: Everyone has equations. Here's one some people use:

False call rate = [Number of defective boards, but good at inspection]/[Total number of boards produced]

Why don't you ask the people [that calculated the numbers that confuse you] how they did what they did?

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false call rate calculation AOI | 9 July, 2010

This table, is it in a database? And is it indicating the number of component, solder insp. etc based on one board or one panel? It needs to be based on the total number of inspection on your panelized pcb. The equation works, you may just be looking at the data wrong. Also, your data may be indicating the parameters for an inspection recipe. To get a true false call rate, you need the totals from all recipes and all boards. Check your reporting tool and make sure you are generating the proper report.

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