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quad qsp

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quad qsp | 30 June, 2010

I need some info on a xp upgrade for a quad qsp2 dose it have aney binifit over win 98.

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quad qsp | 1 July, 2010

New Single board computers are faster and substantially improve machine software performance. They include built in Ethernet (network), sound card & USB capability making files transfers & backups easier and faster.

Win XP is a more secure platform for networking and offers modern virus & internet protection. Newer / updated replacement machine hardware & newer version of Q-Soft will not function in Windows 98

The new version of QSOFT software reduces software bugs & PC lockups that occur Win 98 QSOFT Updated video capabilities allow for second video monitor giving the operator a larger field of view for programming

Remote Training, Programming & Diagnosis, Allows remote users to login the machine via the internet

Offline Programming can be done in Windows XP not requiring a separate Windows 98 PC.

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