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Completed Assembly Storage Life Question

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Completed Assembly Storage Life Question | 19 August, 2010

We want to complete an end of life build on a leaded no-clean circuit board assembly. I was asked how long the assembly can be stored for future use. Assume it is in a temperature controlled warehouse. Boards will be placed into individual ESD bags folded over and taped shut. Thanks for the help!

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Completed Assembly Storage Life Question | 19 August, 2010

From "Universal Instruments Packaging Specification" ... [snip] Packing Of Populated Boards · These parts require individual separation and protection to prevent electro static discharge and structural damage. They shall be packed in sealed, anti-static shielding bags · Boards shall be shipped on edge, not stacked on each other, without compression of cushion material · Static shielding bags may be wrapped with anti-static bubble wrap to prevent structural damage · Boards with protruding pins or sharp corners which may puncture a static shielding bag must have the sharp protrusions covered with conductive foam and placed in static shielding bag or fitted boxes. [snip] Labeling · Receiving and storing materials requires that incoming loads be easily and quickly identified. All shipping containers must be identified with the information shown on the sample label · The label shall appear on one side of the container when in its normal shipping position · Labels, tags, stamps or preprinted containers are acceptable means of identification. Hand written labels must be legible · Parts shipped on different purchase orders must be packaged separately and marked accordingly · Each different part number item must be packed in its own discrete container, not intermixed with other parts · the above may be consolidated on pallets with a single bill of lading · Use warning labels, hazardous material labels, safety markings and special handling notations as necessary · Standard ESD warning labels must be applied to boxes and bags containing static sensitive parts [snip] An appendix in the procedure includes all the standard ESD pap that is then applied to everything in the procedure.

Further, we like to see the bags sealed in a manner that limits the accumulation of dust on the boards.

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