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YV100xg error

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YV100xg error | 24 August, 2010

Hi all!i m using yv100xg line,with vois application version 1.5R2000,when the mechine starts,after loading all files and returning to origin,a mesg appears ,that iz"Ea12324:the repair detection of the file.the mchne is unusually finished and it has the possibility that a file was damaged,Do the upgrade installation of the application software.".this number or type of error does not available in manual.any one can guide me in this matter,what is casue and solution of this?regards naveed

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YV100xg error | 29 August, 2010

You must re-insall the software. Do you have the procedure and the disks?

The yamaha manual quotes:- Ea12324 The repair detection of the file. The machine is unusually shut down. One or more files may be damaged. Run the upgrade installation of the application software.

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YV100xg error | 3 September, 2010

hi!i have the disc labled mechine software and another labled upgraded software.but i dont have the procedure,or any sort of training regarding this.i got training from my teacher who visited japan trainig schdule,but for last 7 years i am doing all maintenance,program,and production by my own head.for what you have asked i will check my mechine and then can answer. I could notfound the Ea12324,if you have copy of that,it will be help full. regards naveed pakistan

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YV100xg error | 6 September, 2010

I am impressed to know that you are a one-man army confronting YV100Xg. However, you could always call in for an Engineer from a YAMAHA service provider to resolve your problem. Else, just try by reinstalling your machine software. But before you do that, I would advide you write down all the available machine parameter details as seen on your machine monitor. This can be useful while initial setup after software re-loading.

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YV100xg error | 18 September, 2010

Before reinstalling, just take a system data backup of the machine. It'll create one floppy which you will use in the form of "System Data Restore" once you have reinstalled the software. By the way, you should have 2 CDs, one titled Application Software and the other could be machine software or something. If Windows is ok, you just need to reinstall the application software (YGOS).

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YV100xg error | 20 September, 2010

Yes!tahnkx I made a backup disc.the all data for production files,and also the data base library(vision files for component and fiducials) has been copied to the disc.we are in contact with yamaha consultant,they sent us the new manual which has the procedure and precautions regarding data lose,machine offsets,head assembly settings,and other parameters which will be lost during re installation of software.I don't know either you believe or not that I am the only person doing the YVPxg,YV100xg,YD-12D,YM100VPII,and the last re flow oven(all in line).I am responsible for all programming(offline,online production files)and till the re flow temperature setting for the best results simultaneously.thankz naveed pakistan

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