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SMT Taping Machine

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SMT Taping Machine | 8 September, 2010

We are a CM looking to do some low volume taping for the purpose of getting some undesirable parts out of track feeders. We don't always buy in the volume to get reel and it seems some components ie.Maxim only seem to come in tube. Is it typical for other CM to do there own taping and if so are there any suggestions for a quality machine. I see two models out there that would fit our basic needs the V-Tek TM-50 and the Q-Corporation QMT-1100D. Any one have experience with these machines or similar?

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SMT Taping Machine | 8 September, 2010

I've used Vtek equipment for years and it does the job. Make sure to leave some space to warehouse reels of different carrier tapes.

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SMT Taping Machine | 8 September, 2010

We just purchased a 1100D and have been using it for about a month. It seems to be a very easy and simple machine to setup and use. It is the only one that I have experience with and so far I really like it. Do make sure that you know how much carrier and cover tape inventory you need or you will have a worthless machine and still be in the tube busy.

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SMT Taping Machine | 21 September, 2010

Any suggestions on good suppliers of the carrier tape and mylar? I'm attempting to get a handle on the price of consumables related to the addition of the machine.

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SMT Taping Machine | 23 September, 2010



SMT Taping Machine | 28 September, 2010

V-Tek TM-50 is a great machine. We have had it about 5 years and never had a problem with it. Easy to setup and easy for the operators. Hope that helps...

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