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NiPdAu solderability Issue

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NiPdAu solderability Issue | 20 September, 2010

I have this NiPdAu small QFN packge sizes less than 2x2. I tried to do solderability Dip And Look test and there's always some units no wet on either ground pad and small I/O. Can someone help to explain why is this so difficult to set on this surface finish as compare to pure tin? FYI the solder bath we use is SnAgCu with Jedec complaince composites. Thanks

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NiPdAu solderability Issue | 22 September, 2010

Comments are: * First, no one is looking at your posting. You need to post in the 'SMTnet Production Forum' [top of the page]. This 'SMTnet Site Support Forum' is for whiners that want to complain to Neil about problems in logging-in, font that's too small, and BS like that. You need to catch the eyes of the silly-shits that work on production crap. And they aint here. * Second, NiPdAu has got to be one of the most common solderability protection schemes used on components today. That you can't solder it, indicates that something is seriously wrong. We'd guess that the gold is too thin, but you need to: * Perform IPC-standard solderability tests * Analyze the coating thickness on the parts * Work with your supplier to get them to fix this problem.

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