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MPM UP2000 alarm "hardware limit warning"

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MPM UP2000 alarm "hardware limit warning" | 24 September, 2010

Hi all, we use a MPM UP2000/B printer and facing the following problem: During startup/initialisation process the printer stops after a while and comes up with the following alarm "hardware limit warning". This can be repeated several times with the same result. Our performed checks showed no mechanical problems. We suspect a problem in the SW itself. my questions: - is there a possibility to read out some more information (out of a log file) during this procedure? - is there a sort of debug mode to check at what step the procedure stops? - has anyone an idea where the problem could be located?

Thanks in advance for your help bullyparade

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MPM UP2000 alarm | 20 October, 2010

Hi, Some idea for you to troubleshoot: *It could be the motor problem,check all motor power,after ON power to m/c,the motor should be engaged. *stepping driver spoil

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MPM UP2000 alarm | 20 October, 2010

I hope you're fixed by now but my advice is to pull all connectors from drivers and reseat. Also, reseat connectors in I/O area + I think there's some cards that relay power to various axis in this area. Reseat all connectors. From my experience, it's a good idea to do this periodically on MpM's or when you first get one on-line (especially used!) as you'll get errors like you have or eventually blown driver cards.

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MPM UP2000 alarm | 21 October, 2010

Do you know in which axis the problem occurs? usually when "hardware limit error" shows is because one of the axis touches the sensor of the limit, this is to prevent the mechanism hit something, If you machine is used, you can check if there is a missing or blocked sensor in the axis you have the problem.

Hope this helps.

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MPM UP2000 alarm | 22 October, 2010

Hi all, could solve the problem already - however thanks for your advices! The problem was caused by a defective relais (loose contact - just resoldered it) in the relatetd circuit.

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