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Maintenance on a Trieber Wave Solder Machine

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Maintenance on a Trieber Wave Solder Machine | 29 September, 2010

The design of this machine makes it difficult to lift the pump out to clean as often as it probably should be. We are seeing dross on the solder source side of the boards. Does putting wax in the solder pot help reduce the dross? If it does help, where is the best place to put the wax. Is there a document saying how often and how much wax to use. Thank you for any help.

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Maintenance on a Trieber Wave Solder Machine | 30 September, 2010

Likely, but if your dross production is mostly due to pumping a high wave, or, due to a system that is configured to produce a lot of dross from the solder wave return to the pot, pump shaft interface or an aggressive chip wave, then maybe wax will not help out so much. And, then maybe the benefits of using wax is offset by the hassles of dealing with the wax (and its proper disposal).

Various methods have been used to eliminate or reduce the amount of exposure of oxygen to solder

Here's a link about various dross blankets (including wax):

this document provides some good ideas for reducing dross:

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Maintenance on a Trieber Wave Solder Machine | 20 October, 2010

After 16 years in the industry, I have honestly never heard of putting wax in a solder pot. Anyway, I do have some experience with Treiber wave solder machines, and as I recall, the air-driven pumps are a nightmare to service. First of all, make sure the conveyor/nozzles are adjusted as close to each other as possible and still run your process without getting boards or pallets stuck over the nozzle. Second, make sure the solder is not pouring over the front dam like a waterfall, it should only break the plane when a board crosses over the solder. Finally, we use a white powder call "Deox" when we clean our solder pot in the mornings, It won't remove the dross, but it helps separate the good solder from the dross. Make sure you wear a mask and eye protection when cleaning the pot.

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