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Who has best desktop AOI ?

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 7 October, 2010

Wondering who has the best Table Top AOI system these days? Looking for something that does it all SMT,THT,Solder joints.....whole 9 yards...Thank you.

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 13 October, 2010

Hello Jamyboy,

If you don't mind paying a premium. You can't go wrong with Mirtec. In my opinion they have the absolute best desktop AOI system on the market!

Here is a link -

Best of luck with your AOI project.



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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 13 October, 2010

i agree

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 14 October, 2010

thank you for the input .....starting to wonder if people were really using AOI?? Checked out the Mertec website and arranging for a presentation....

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 17 October, 2010

I just completed an exhaustive search and review of desktop AOI systems. Two systems rose to the top - Mirtec and Yestech. I got to spend time with both platforms and both had their pluses and minuses.

I would be happy to share my experience with you. Contact me via email and I will let you know what I learned, and continue to learn.


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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 18 October, 2010

Thank you very much I will shoot you an email shortly. Funny that the 2 you mentioned are the 2 we are trying to decide on.

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 26 October, 2010

I have work with Vi-Tech and Orbotech. It's pricy, but if you want the best, then you have to pay the price.

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 2 November, 2010

Gabe and I would like to hear about your experience...we are currently tasked with looking into getting one for final/1st inspection...we don't want an In-line...for now...just a desk top...

Thanks Juanita and Gabe

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 3 November, 2010

I had an opportunity two years ago to evaluate three benchtop AOI systems. Omron, Yestech, and Mirtec.

I was fortunate to be able to have all three machines side by side for my evaluation period, which lasted near a full month. At the time I was working at an OEM Manufacturer of memory products and drives, and we wanted to use the machine for solder inspection, post reflow.

At the end of the evaluation, you could have thrown a small blanket over the two (IMHO) best machines in the group, Mirtec and Yestech.

Our company chose Mirtec, and during my tenure we installed both inline and benchtop machines for solder inspection. Never a hiccup, and support was spot on, and fast.

When you say 'best' machine, I think you have to look at what you are trying to achieve, and appraise your future requirements based on the fact that the AOI machine is going to free up large a mounts of time in your inspection department. PCBs that were a manual 25 minute inspection are now done in 1 minute or less. That is HUGE. Not to mention the improvements you can realize in your processes based on surveys of your AOI post reflow defect data.

In our case, the 'best' machine turned out to be the machine that had more established worldwide support network in place. That is hard to put a price on out there in the second and third tier mfg world.

Given that the two top machines were so close in comparison, your 'best' machine might be one that has the better support in your area. Your 'best' machine might be the one that costs less. Your 'best' machine might be the one that your boss likes the color of... (don't laugh, I'll tell stories...) Get the machines in front of you, (get a demo)and run them. Take a look at what you are going to gain, and what you are going to do with those gains. If those gains lead you to improve what you have WHERE YOU ARE, then pick a local machine. If the gains lead you offshore (AOI is a long term commitment)then you might pick a machine with more global support in place and in your area.

Best of luck.

'hege says Mirtec and Yestech both kick *ss. But I have personal experience with Mirtec, and never looked back. Of course that worldwide global support came in real handy when my job was moved overseas! (bitter, party of one!)

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 3 November, 2010

Good Afternoon, I would throw my vote in to Mirtec as well. I also had an opportunity quite a few years ago to compare three systems side by side. At the end of the evaluation, the Mirtec stood out over the rest. Over the past several years, I was involved with upgrading our MV-2BTL machines to the newer MV-3 platforms. We purchased our machines with the 45 mm clearance option and a high resolution camera. As part of an improvement effort, we incorporated the AOI into inspecing through hole assemblies as well. The solder inspection works well for TH connections. With the side view camera's we were able to inspect TH component values and polarities. We found we could also use the intellibeam laser height detection to check TH connectors for full insertion. A total of 5 machines were purchased. The results were unbelieveable! You cannot put a value on customer satisfaction. Most of the major escapes were eliminated altogether. I would do it again without question. I agree that your opinion of success would be based on what you expect to accomplish. I think this would be the best way to start for an evaluation. Also, keep in mind that your success will be directly related to the quality of your programming.

Best of Luck


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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 4 November, 2010

Solder evaluation formulas and other questions: Since the last two posters have a lot of experience with the Mirtec system I had another question for them. I would like to start a discussion of some of the techniques Mirtec AOI users are employing to get the best evaluation of solder, especially through-hole components. Also, is anyone using their Mirtec to evaluate bare boards? I have been doing some programming recently for this and hit some roadblocks. We could start a new thread or just keep this one going or take it offline. Does anyone know of an AOI specific forum where these types of issues are routinely discussed?

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 4 November, 2010

We do almost exclusively SMT parts but for solder with a 45 degree fillet angle use vertical light type and a binarise threshold of 128(1/2 dark 1/2 light) and use the 2nd option or dark=dark light=light _|"

in vertical light solder fillet is dark to black and blank pads are white in horazontal light solder fillet is bright white and blank pads are grayish

for TH you might want to favor the horazontal

our horizontal is usually 150 H 10 V 0 S our vertical is usually 0-10H 110-125V 10-25S our user is usually H0 V0 S125 iirc

i have used our machine to evaluate and measure the size of the holes in a board before its populated, the programming of witch is not easy.

As for what i think of mirtec they have a great machine. We moved from 3.5 to 4.2 because The OCR inspector is really just a reimplementation of a image mounting inspector. The OCR part works on easy to read parts only but if OCR fails it will still pass the part using the image match method. The 4.2 version adds character enhancement to mounting inspector, this turns the image black white and gray with a auto binerise threshold. 4.2 also inspects faster and has working color inspection and working binary inspection. 4.5 is beta but there support says its the most stable version yet.

our MV3L at the end of the day its still extremely accurate at finding defects, and a lot better than hand inspection. The accuracy is Dependant upon the operators experience in programming.

If you want more assistance with your mirtec machine start a new thread and shoot me a email. I can give you a lot of details on a lot of there undocumented features(there manuals miss a lot of information/aren't updated with each version).

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 4 November, 2010

Dear Eadthem,

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brian D'Amico. I am the president of MIRTEC USA. I would like an opportunity to speak with you directly regarding some of the issues that you have posted. I assure you that customer satisfaction is my number one priority. Please contact me on my mobile at (203) 232-9343 at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Brian D'Amico President MIRTEC USA

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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 5 November, 2010


Who has best desktop AOI ? | 5 November, 2010

I would be happy to. I have already been in touch with a couple of your tech support staff who helped some. At work a phone is not handy, if you would email me a suitable email address I can use on my work computer, this would be best.


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Who has best desktop AOI ? | 5 November, 2010

Excellent advice. I'm going to copy your info above and use it to start a new thread about Mirtec programming. I will also email you directly for the info you have. Thanks!

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