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Fuji Aimex or NXT II

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Fuji Aimex or NXT II | 14 November, 2010


Does anyone work with Fuji Aimex or NXT II? Are they good machines? What is about maintenance and reliability? Are the Fujis better than Assembleon machines?



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Fuji Aimex or NXT II | 23 November, 2010

For SMT machines, FUJI is one of the best. NXT2, speed and accuracy are excellent. AIMEX is a new machine. I do not know if this machine already release in the market. As far as I know, AIMEX is much faster than NXT2. Machine are maintenance friendly. Reliability is superb....

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Fuji Aimex or NXT II | 11 February, 2011

Hello, I am also thinking about Fuji NXTII, AIMEX or Assembleon AX series. What is your opinion about these high speed machines? wold you recomend some other machines? Thanks Sergio

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Fuji Aimex or NXT II | 17 February, 2011

Hi! Our company is Fuji's distributor in Russia. AIMEX couldn't be much faster than NXT2. There are four heads limit in the AIMEX while NXT can have dozens of modules & heads in single machine. It's hard to get a field data on AIMEX. Machine was released few months ago.

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