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HASL lead free thickness

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HASL lead free thickness | 16 November, 2010

Normally I'm using the following specification for HASL finished PCBs: "The HAL thickness should be in the range 5- 20 um (this is an average value on the whole pad). In any case, in any point of the pad, the HASL thickness must be > 1 um". Some PCB manufacturer is telling me that this specification is not feasible in production. I would know if this position is due to the equipment (or process control) they have, or if in effect is not possible to satisfy my requests.

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HASL lead free thickness | 17 November, 2010

Most PCB manufacturers should be able to fall between 1.25um-5.00um for Pb-Free HASL. I doubt you will get anyone to agree to anything higher. If you are going to require an average thickness, make sure you also state "No Copper exposure allowed".

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HASL lead free thickness | 17 November, 2010

Instead of a minimum thickness, we require no exposed copper or SnCu intermetallic. We've been having a lot of trouble lately with suppliers of SN100 HASL boards giving us pads with very irregular solder deposits with areas of exposed intermetallic. Intermetallic is difficult to solder to and it can oxidize on test points during reflow and make ICT a nightmare.

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