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F4G Next Device goes crazy!

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F4G Next Device goes crazy! | 19 November, 2010

Hi All,

We've been using the F4G for a few months now and I really like it way better than the MCS30 but I just got kicked in the teeth by a next device error. It looks like it got confused. I got 3 feeders with next device: D1, D7 and D18.

D1's next device is D2 and D2's is back to D1. Same for D7 (D7->D8->D7) and D18 (D18->D19->D18).

Well... it looks like D18 had an issue so it went to D19 but when it finished the D19 reel it went to D7!. I endeed up with D7 parts in place of D18. These are both 0805 resistors.

Has anyone seen this ? Did I miss something in the next device setting for the F4G? It works fine in the MCS30!!

HEEEEEEELP ! please...


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F4G Next Device goes crazy! | 20 November, 2010

I am going to regret answering this post:

First of all, when in Unit Data, the column labeled "Parts Name" should be your actual part number. If you are still using your MCS knowledge and placing your actual part number in the "COMMENT" column or have converted this into F4G from MCS, you will not be able to use the next device function.

F4G handles this completely different than MCS did. MCS you placed the actual slot# that you had wanted to be next, in the Next device field. However, in F4G, the column labeled "Next Parts:" this controls the order it should use the devices in. For example: say you have an actual part number PN111-033-0013 in slots D7,D8,D9. In the "Parts Name" column each would have to reflect this exact same PN111-033-0013. In the "Next Parts" column, it would look like this: Slot#7 -> Next Parts:1, Slot#8 -> Next Parts:2, Slot#9 -> Next Parts:3.

This represents use parts located in slot#7 first, slot#8 second, and slot#9 third.

I hope this clears it up for you, purchase FLEXA when you have enough money.

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F4G Next Device goes crazy! | 20 November, 2010

I did transfer the program from the MCS30. I noticed that next device numbers were changed in the F4G like you said (1,2,3). That was the first time I had wrong parts in the wrong locations (this is the second time) but I corrected the numbers to match the MCS30 and I figure that was the problem then. It wasn't. From what you tell me I take it that as long as the program was transfered from the MCS30, the next device feature just won't work.

Do you know what causes the problem? The part no is in the "Part Name" field but it is also in the "Part Comment" field.

I could export the x,y,q and part no. and create a CAD converter template to make a new F4G program but will that work?

FLEXA? That's an uphill battle with management :-).


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F4G Next Device goes crazy! | 22 November, 2010

I replied on the weekend but now I'm at work and I can clearly see what you mean. The Part Name is the footprint for the part and it is common for a lot of feeders which is obviously wrong. I think I need to make new part numbers for the footprints so they are unique. So ... two last question if I may:

If I make say a part no. 1234-123 and I use the package data 0805 and part type data 0805. Can I still use the 0805 package data and part type data for another part no. .. say 9876-321 without problems? I would imagine yes but I rather be sure.

What's the "Part Comment" field used for?

Thanks a bunch.

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F4G Next Device goes crazy! | 23 November, 2010

In flexa,the"Part Comment" field used for special instruct for kind of parts,it will be showed in the Report so that oprators can calrify know what to do.... i havent used MCS30&F4G,but i know machine can worked like your way well in flexa..... And in China,i think there have no MCS30 and just a few factory still used F4G....

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