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Comparison between Vitech and Mirtec

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Comparison between Vitech and Mirtec | 7 January, 2011

Dear friends,

I would like to have your comment on Vitech and Mirtec. We have used Vi - 5K Perform in our facility and we have been requested by our customer to have AOI with side angle camera for the automotive board inspection for a up coming project. Any one evaluated both the system and uses both the system can provide feedback would be very helpful.

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Comparison between Vitech and Mirtec | 10 January, 2011

Ive used a Mirtec machine for 3 years MV3L with side angle inspection. Mirtec has some issues documentation, and repair plus. But there machine is impressive and the AOI software is good. We can find about 90-99.99% of all errors using just the 5 cameras. But expect a long setup time for that.

For a dense board say 120 parts per modual x 20 moduals a panel, 0402 and 0603 ish components leadless flatpack ICs. Id expect to need per modual fiduals. say about 1-4 hours to program (depending on if the parts are in your library or not. And a per panel scan time of 2-7 minutes depending on size.

for simple stuff programming can be as little as 30 min and scan speed of 30-60 seconds per a side.

If its a life sustaining item say ABS control board or you just need to find everything, id expect to look at every part 5-7 different ways(body mounting ignoring labels, label only mounting with emphasis character on, 2 solder inspectors vert light(looking for black-gray), 1 color based missing part inspector(looking for green), 2 color based missing solder inspectors(looking for gold), side angle mounting to check for part lifting). For a flat IC i might move the solder and bridge to a angled camera.

You do not need a perfect board to program a mirtec. In fact having 1 good part of each kind per panel is all thats needed or sometimes even less. Finding defects before the scan is how i check our machines effectiveness.

O and if your not doing any craziness, say lead less parts and BGA you should be able to get great results just using 1 camera.

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