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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder | 19 January, 2011

I have a Topaz with 2 positions in the rear where component trays may be placed for limited tray component capability. There is not a lot in the manual on how to set this up. The Feeder Plate info is set up to allow I have spec'd tray - in the component info and filloes out all the tray info I can but still can't teach 1st part. What am I missing??


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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder | 21 January, 2011

Yes you must select FixedTrayFeeder. You must select TEACHING not AUTOSET. The trap is... you must select a TEACHING UNIT prior to doing the teaching (CAMERA-HEAD1-HEAD2)are the choices. Press F8 to get this menu to appear.

If the camera cannot reach the back of the machine, select Head 1 and teach with it instead of the camera.

You must teach the front left corner as the first component. Just teach the first component in the same way that you teach a Stick/Tube component. Put the camera over the component and press F10 twice, assuming you chose CAMERA as the teaching unit. Even though you taught it with the camera, be sure that the tray is in a position where Head 1 can actually get to the component without hitting a Soft-limit.

I assume that in your Machine-Configuration/NozzleInfo you have setup a nozzle suitable for the component.

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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder | 21 January, 2011

Thanks Jeff. Guess I didn't tell enough of the story. I can get the 1st part location taught (it looks like) but when I try to pick a part from the tray using adjust assistant (F6), the head changes to the appropriate nozzle and tries to pick from the feeder set location (120 in this case) as if it was a tape feeder no matter what numbers you type in the feeder_x and feeder_y in the component info. Maybe picking from a tray doesn't work for adjust assistant?? do I need to be running a product to pick from the tray?

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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder | 22 January, 2011

For all Tray type components the machine will not pickup from the tray using the adjust assistant (f6). It will default to a position where you can place the QFP onto the nozzle yourself by hand.

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Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder | 24 January, 2011

Thanks a bunch. I guess I did all the tray setup right. The adjust assist thing was kicking my butt!! On the right track now. Thanks again.


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