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Phillips CSM84VZ Questions

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Phillips CSM84VZ Questions | 19 January, 2011

I have been looking at Quad IVC machines as they come close to my budget and needs.

I recently looked at a Phillips CSM84VZ in a warehouse that has been taken out of operation locally. The machine has probably been setting for about two years. It had a compliment of feeders that come close to my requirements. It did have the upward looking camera and all the parts and pieces for the machine look to be present at first glance.

I could not power this machine up and it is being sold as is. I have not come to an agreed price with the owner but the only way I would possibly consider this machine is if I could get it very cheap.

I have seen this machine used by a number of users on this site and have heard some good things about it. I would use it for low volume but high mix applications and at this time mainly to prototype small runs. It did have two heads with nozzles on them.

My questions for anyone who can answer are:

Do you have to manually change nozzles or how does it handle a wide range of part sizes?

My smallest lead pitch is .5 mil or about 20 mil. Will it handle a wide range of part sizes from 0603, TQFN, SOIC, SSOP, 0805, etc? That is the mix I have on the boards I would use it for.

Can you still get feeders, nozzles, and parts for this machine?

Could you manually place a part using the X-Y controls of this machine? I have some odd shaped parts with only one per board this might be useful for.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Phillips CSM84VZ Questions | 20 January, 2011

You should check that the machine actually works before you buy it. I still can purchase most parts, but the Vision Board is not available anymore.

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Phillips CSM84VZ Questions | 20 January, 2011

These machines have three heads... Head 1 (jaws 0.7mm x 4mm)0603 up to small tantalum. Head 2 (jaws 3.0mm x 20mm)small tant up to PLCC44 or SOP28. Head 3 No jaws, uses just Vision. Can do Large tantalum up to QFP208, however can only take a single nozzle in standard form which limits the range of component sizes placed on the board. If optioned, a Nozzle Station solves this working with Head 3 to accommodate 3 nozzles (3mm, 8mm, 12mm diameter).

No this machine cannot place single components like some other machines can.

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