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VIOS Files

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VIOS Files | 1 March, 2011

I have a VIOS file that we generated from an ftip file using PPS. I load that file into the AMS software to do optimization and feeder distributing.

I have a few things that I need to do to every workorder that I create but they are fiddly to do in the AMS software. I have reverse engineered most of the VIOS text file and have determined what nearly every bit of information in the file is except for two hex characters, I could automate the process but for this.

In &B.MNT: -79.096 109.423 0.000 270.000 0A0000FFFF0101000565FFFFFFFF0000 C172

The two that I don't know are the "65" in the hex string. If anyone knows that I'd be very greatful.

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VIOS Files | 3 March, 2011

The order is:- x..y..r..signofland.(19 characters) then.... Byte 28-31 component.(000~09f6), Byte 24-27=fid (0000~01ff), Byte 20-23=bad (0000~01ff), Byte 18-19=mount order (00~of), Byte 16-17=head (00~of), Byte 14-15=skip00:/exec01:/note02:, Byte 12-13=(0:=empty/1:=data exist), Byte 10-11=nozzle (00~of), Byte 01 version (00-of),

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VIOS Files | 7 March, 2011

You're a complete stud! It's the mount order of the head. It adds 100 so that it flags to go load up the heads again with parts. It was the +100 that I didn't pick up on.

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