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Looking to start/buy/lease a small SMT shop

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Looking to start/buy/lease a small SMT shop | 31 March, 2011

We are looking to start/buy or lease a small SMT factory. Our goal is to do mostly prototypes and also some overflow production. We are looking for a 1 line factory, solder rework stations, oven, etc. Looking for a location within the USA. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

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Looking to start/buy/lease a small SMT shop | 5 April, 2011

I work with a small EMS shop that has extremely good capability because I created it for an R&D Lab for the U.S. Army. We have at times discussed leasing the equipment/facility to other companies who prefer that to farming out their work to an EMS.

They have SMT full automation featuring MPM Ultraprint 3000 stencil printer, Fuji FGL-5 glue shooter, Fuji QP242 Placer and Heller 1800EXL oven. They have just added another line with UP3000, CP-4 Fuji, IP3 Fuji, and Omniflo 7 reflow oven.

The facility is a new 10,000 square foot ESD and environmentally controlled building. In addition they also have an Asymtek SCWC conformal coater, Electrovert Econopak Gold Wave, Glenbrook X-Ray, Air Vac DRS-22 BGA rework station, Hitachi SEM, and clean room.

Their operators are all IPC certified solders or instructors in Jstd001 and A610. Plus they have certified IPC Standard 7711 rework operators and trainers. The facility is ISO 9001 certified and AS9100 certified.

To arrange discussions you can contact the CEO of REI Corporation Greg Young. Email or call 605-856-8400 for the switch board operator.

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