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DAGE XRAY | 1 April, 2011

Hi, we have a issue with a Dage , Xray, curious as to if any other have had same, we cannot get the the Vacuum level in the tube to the correct level, it builds up and builds up, but never reaches correct set point so that we can calbrate or use the system.

Not usre if correct place to post this query, if anyone has any experience with DAGE 6500 machine, we would welcome your assistance.

we have changed seals/checked pump all seem to be ok.

Many thanks

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DAGE XRAY | 5 April, 2011


We have had the same problem on two different occasions. Both issues were caused by the vacuum sensor. The first time this happened, we had a tech from Dage in to repair. This was fairly costly. When it happened again, we opened the cabinet. We disconnected all of the cables leading to the tube and cleaned the sensor box. I don't see how this would have an affect but when it was reassembled, the sensor worked correctly.

I would give this a try. Couldn't hurt.


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