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Quad IVc limit error

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Quad IVc limit error | 8 April, 2011

Hi, We have a Quad IVc set up with all picks, placements, and sequence working. I have managed to get through several passes with some pain, mainly from SOT-23 parts, but it is getting better. On occasion, when picking from one of three feeders located on the back side, the machine stops with a "limit error". The nozzle is lowered to the part in the feeder. The machine has successfully picked from the same feeder in a previous pass. I suspect a cable or sensor issue, but want to see if anyone else has already had the pleasure of fighting this battle and might want to share what they found. Too bad there aren't people to call anymore. Thanks! --Doug

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Quad IVc limit error | 11 April, 2011

Wipe off your linear scales and clean your quadalign lense.

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Quad IVc limit error | 11 April, 2011

I have had similar problems before where the machine will intermittently stop with a limit error. Reset the machine and away it goes. Replacing the ribbon cable that runs from the head (37 pin D-sub)has solved this problem. This cable gets flexed a lot and eventually the wires will break down. Examine the cable closely while it is still in the machine. If you are lucky you may be able to identify the bad wire and pull a new single wire to replace it. Of course you should always try the easy stuff first.

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Quad IVc limit error | 11 April, 2011

If the feeders that you are having problems with have tall parts in them.....and these are the ones the machine is stopping on.....check to see that you are not scanning higher than what your function 30 nozzle height is. In other words...if your function 30 is 190 and you are scanning the parts at will get this error. It is possible that your nozzle is not seating correctly giving you this error at these feeders.

good luck

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Quad IVc limit error | 19 April, 2011

The ribbon cable would be my guess. I ran a IVc for about 3 years and we use to have to change out our cable at least once per year. I also wanted to add that you can contact Precision Placement Machines (PPM) for parts and service. We use to use a guy that worked for Tyco/Quad for many years, then started his own thing once they got out of the pick n place business. His name is Mike Tieman and his company is Quadcare Surface Mount Inc. Hope this helps.

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