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pcb change

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pcb change | 20 April, 2011

I have a simple battery powered led array pcb that is turned on and off via rf remote. I want to modify it so that it turns off after 90 seconds, and it flashes or blinks every second or so during those ninety seconds. Can anyone suggest a forum or website where I can get help? I'd like to use Yenka to test it and convert it to Gerber files for prototyping. Thanks!

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pcb change | 25 April, 2011

Find a 555 timer site. Look here

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pcb change | 27 April, 2011

thanks- looks like it will work - one more thing- if I want to incorporate a beeping or clicking sound, or some audible tone during those 90 sec is there something that can be put on the pcb or do I need an external speaker? thanks again

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